Cyrile Sincock

In Loving Memory

How do we close the book on the life of a sister, who gave so much to our organization and still had so much more to give?

Chapters filled with so many empty pages, a life cut short. These are just a few items Cyrile was working on.

Spring Planting

Cyrile loved gardening and had just begun the process of cultivating seeds for her annual spring planting. I can just visualize little containers of seeds evenly broadcasted across the windowsill waiting to take root. Zinnias, Gerber Daisys and Vincas were her favorite. 


 “Sometimes, the smallest things take up the most space in your heart.” – Winnie the Pooh      

And that is how Cyrile felt about beagles. Maybe it was the way their ears flopped or the way they looked at you with those begging eyes. Cyrile was a pushover for that sort of thing and had planned to adopt soon. 

I would like to believe when she arrived in heaven Taffy, Daisy and Bluey greeted her with tails wagging.

The Living Spirit

As State Appointed Spirituality Chair, Cyrile guided us along the path of being one with God and the Universe. Introducing us to Laudato Sí, spiritual teachings and at her last retreat, Mary Undoer of Knots. Mornings following the retreat our conversations began.” How are those knots working out” than breakout in laughter. Sometimes it was not how many knots one has, but the journey of untying them. 

As we end this chapter on Cyrile’s life I know it would bring her so much joy to know she made a difference, inspired us to be kind, to live daily with the spirit and pick up where she left off.

In Loving Memory, 

Kathleen Norris, 

MD LAOH, State President