Baltimore County, Division 4

President’s Message 

Baltimore County, Division 4 formed in 1898 has a rich history. Ours is the oldest active division in the state of Maryland an one of the oldest divisions in the United States. We remain vital and continue to attract new members who come with new ideas and enthusiasm.

Small fundraisers throughout the year support our charitable projects. We contribute to several charities in the Baltimore area.

Our favorite Catholic Action project is our Annual Baby Shower to benefit pregnant mothers and their chidren. We “shop till we drop” as we select layette items, infant clothes, toddler clothes, toys and more. We have a party and show off our finds before we send them off to those in need.

Our meetings are held on the second Sunday of the month at 1:30 p.m. at College Manor on Seminary Road in Lutherville, MD. We hope to see you soon.

Jeraldine Ragan

Division Officers

  • President: Jeraldine Ragan
  • Vice-President: Pat Zaccari
  • Secretary: Nora Smith
  • Financial Secretary: Mary Helene Miller
  • Treasurer: Pat Zaccari
  • Irish Historian: Jeraldine Ragan
  • Missions and Charities: Vacant
  • Catholic Action: Rosemary Weaver
  • Mistress-at-Arms: Rosemary Weaver
  • Sentinel: Patricia Ragan